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About SAZKA sázková kancelář, a.s.

As of 1 November 2011, SAZKA sázková kancelář, a.s., assumed the business activities of SAZKA, a.s., which became insolvent in spring 2011 and subsequently declared bankruptcy. SAZKA sázková kancelář, a.s., operates the biggest lottery company in the Czech Republic, having an approximately 90% of the market share. The core products are number lotteries including the most successful Sportka game. Beside number lotteries the products portfolio consists of scratch cards, sport and fixed-odds betting and quick games. The second pillar is represented by non-lottery products where the main position is held by mobile-phone credit top-up service, sale of tickets and payments for goods and services. SAZKA sázková kancelář, a.s., provides its products through a unique sales network of 6,300 retail outlets located throughout the Czech Republic. The company is owned by KKCG and PPF.